2012 Fundraising Status

You have two options to help this year's climbers reach their fundraising goals.

Option 1: Go to an individual climber's page below and follow the instructions to donate.

Option 2: Write a check made out to "Crooked Trails" with a note of “3 Summits” and the climber’s name it’s meant for. Checks can be sent to:

Crooked Trails
PO Box 94034
Seattle, WA 98124

We can also handle employer matches to your donations. Please reach out to us at 3summitsfornepal@gmail.com for more information.

2012 Climber Donation Pages

Doug Denure: Donation page for Doug coming soon.

Nick Drake: Donation page for Nick coming soon.

Beth Faw: Donation page for Beth coming soon.

Matt Kuffel: Donation page for Matt coming soon.

Christopher Natsuume: Donate on behalf of Christopher

Michael Sorenson: Donation page for Michael coming soon.